Export Consultancy

Are you looking for a sales partner in the Benelux? Or maybe you prefer to establish B2B contacts? Then we are the right partner for you! InterMundio has been active for many years in this area of business consultancy.

Foreign markets offer good opportunities for expanding businesses. However, finding the right sales partners or B2B contacts on your own is often very time-consuming and, in the end, does not always lead to the expected success. Working with a partner, located in your target market, who knows the business customs and speaks the local language, is often the more efficient solution to entering a new market.

How do we work?

  1. Partner profile: what kind of partner are you looking for? A distributor or direct customers?
  2. Together we formulate a profile of the business partners you are looking for in your target market. The profile contains all relevant criteria that a prospective business partner needs to fulfil.
  3. Based on that profile we search for all companies that fit the criteria.
  4. We contact these companies and introduce your business and determine if there is serious interest in co-operating with you.

The result will be a number of interested potential business partners with whom we set up personal meetings for you.

Your success is important to us. Finding the right business partners is custom-made work. Together we formulate a market entry strategy based on your individual needs. You are in control during the whole project. You will receive regular information from us about the current status of the project which will enable you to also adapt should the need arise.

For companies from further away it is often difficult and too time-consuming to visit the Benelux for meeting prospective business partners. But maybe you are participating in a trade fair here? Then we can incorporate that and organise meetings at your trade fair stand.

Industry associations and economic development agencies can also profit from our market knowledge and network. We are happy to partner with you in regards to organising collective trade fair participations or business group visits for your members in order to help them gain market entry.

Have we gained your interest? Then we look forward to hearing from you!